The Guernica Galleries at the Reina Sofia

  • In 2008, Reina Sofia Museum of Art, took great strides in order to configure Picasso’s Guernica in a new light, literally. Not only did Guernica receive the company of many valuable contemporary artworks focusing on the Spainsh Civil War, but the museum also installed new lighting fixtures in order to better display the piece (“Nuevos compaƱeros”).

  • Some of Guernica’s accompanying artworks include Alexander Calder’s “Fountain of Mercury,” a replica model of the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair of 1937, and the movie that was shown in the pavilion, playing in an adjacent gallery.
  • The Museum’s concern to give Guernica a proper context not only gives the masterpiece more power and importance, but it also creates an exhibition of the Spanish Civil War, with Guernica at its center, once again, literally.
  • For more information on the Guernica galleries at the Reina Sofia, visit:

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