Looking Back

Looking back on our week in Spain, I am trying to figure out what date was the most important for us and for the people we met. The two that stick out the most in my mind are 1) the connection we made between Marcos Burgos and the archive in Alcala and 2) the cocktail night with the Descendants of Exiles.  Both were groundbreaking events in our research trip.  Connecting Marcos Burgos with the archive is something that would not have happened had it not been for our presence in Madrid that week.  Now, something that was once in danger of being forgotten will be kept safe in the archive forever.  The night with the Descendants was all about sustainability.  The Descendants didn’t think that anyone else cared about what happened during the war, much less 5 Americans.  During the cocktail, we helped them understand that the memory of the war and the years following will not die with them.  Our work there, and this website will keep it living on.

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