Asociación de Descendientes del Exilio – General Introduction

The Asociación de Descendientes del Exilio (the Association of Descendants of Exile) is an organization based in Madrid. According to its website (, its purpose is to

  • Maintain historical memory in Spain and the countries that welcomed exiles
  • Promote the recuperation of Spanish nationality for the descendants of Spanish exile caused in 1939 by the military uprising against the 2nd Spanish Republic in 1936
  • Facilitate, for those who desire it, the return to Spain
  • Develop actions aimed at ensuring social and economic protection of exiles and their descendants in Spain
  • Establish social and cultural links between the exiles and their descendantsLudivina Garcia, president of the association, with member Ceferino Alvarez

Aside from these goals, the Association works with the Asociación de los Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales to place plaques in Fuencarral Cemetery recognizing the sacrifice of the International Brigades. The group also spearheaded an initiative to place a statue in Parque Norte in Madrid honoring Lázaro Cardenas, the president of Mexico in 1939 who received Spanish exiles with open arms. Other acts organized by the Association include the May 7th, 2009 commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Spanish exile.

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Contact Information:

Asociación de Descendientes del Exilio – Address: Calle Guadalaira No. 2, Villaviciosa de Odón, 28670, Madrid

Ludivina García (President) – E-mail:

María Luisa Fernández (member) – E-mail:

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