General Introduction

Article 3 of the 2007 Law of Historical Memory calls for reparations to be given to family members of victims of state repression and assassinations, recognizing on the legislative level the repercussions that persist even today from the atrocities committed during the war and Franco’s dictatorship. Whether they were civilians executed during the war, or political prisoners taken from their cells and killed by the regime during the dictatorship, there are innumerable victims of human rights violations whose families strive to cope with this traumatic past.

Before the law was passed, the Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Plaque recognizing the executions in Almudena Cemetery( began in 2000 with the intent of investigating and exhuming the mass graves holding the bodies of executed prisoners from Franco’s regime. As a part of this movement, several organizations emerged to assist family members trying to find information about their loved ones who died during this era. The Familiares y Amigos de las Víctimas de la Represión Franquista en Madrid ( is an online resource with a database of those who were executed, lists of archives and government agencies which can help in the search for information, and photos and video from recent acts of commemoration. Another organization formed in 2002 called the Asociación de Familiares de Fusilados, Asesinados y Desaparecidos en Navarra en 1936 (Association of Family Members of Those Shot, Assassinated, or “Disappeared” in Navarra in 1936), which also works to recognize the family members of those who were killed during Franco’s military uprising and his dictatorship. Click here for the association’s website.

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