The Dog Street Journal

May 3, 2009

The April 2009 edition of William and Mary’s monthly magazine, The Dog Street Journal, was themed, “Outside City Limits” and included various articles on students’ experiences outside of Colonial Williamsburg.  Our trip to Madrid was featured in an article entitled, “Spring Break Done Differently” (p. 6-7), in which four students were interviewed about their international spring break experiences.  In this article, team member Shannon More discusses our group’s week of travel in Madrid and what we accomplished on this research expedition.  The story can be viewed online here

Colonial Academic Alliance Conference

April 24, 2009


Shannon More speaks with a professor and a student at the CAA Conference about the organizations in Spain that are currently acting to recuperate memory.

On the weekend of April 4th-5th, 2009, Shannon More and Nathan Hoback, two members of the 2009 research team, traveled to Towson University in Maryland to participate in the Colonial Academic Alliance Conference, an annual undergraduate research conference. Shannon and Nathan prepared two posters for the event: “Mapping Memory in Madrid: A Route of Remembrance Through Historical Sites and Organizations” and “Mapping Memory in Madrid: Personal Testimonies of the Spanish Civil War.” The posters were on display during the poster sessions, in which students and faculty from various universities came to ask questions, share comments, and learn about the team’s research in Madrid.