Guernica in BBC News Magazine

April 26, 2009

_45641976_horse.gifThe BBC News Magazine recently released an in depth article on the meaning of Picasso’s Guernica¬†. The article, published in the light of the recent unveiling of the Guernica tapestry at London’s Whitechapel Gallery, highlights the painting’s specific figures and Gijs van Hensbergen, a Picasso expert, provides explanations.¬†Click here to read the article.

Guernica on Democracy Now

April 26, 2009

72 years ago today, the small basque town of Guernica was tragically bombed. Democracy Now, a radio program recently released this interview with a survivor of the bombing and an art museum director. According to Democracy Now, Boise, Idaho, where the speakers reside, has the highest concentration of Basque people in the United States. In addition to the survivor’s invaluable account of her experience, the interview includes a discussion on Picasso’s Guernica.Click here to see a video of the interview.¬†

Guernica In London

April 6, 2009

    In 1939, while Picasso’s Guernica was touring the world, in order to aide in the anti-fascist effort, it made a stop at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The admission to the exhibition was a pair of boots to send to the suffering Spanish Republicans (“The Bloomberg Commission). The exhibition was wildly successful and played a major role in giving Whitechapel a reputation as a gallery of prominence and political importance. The gallery has recently undergone a major renovation and it reopened yesterday, May 5, 2009, featuring an exhibition commemorating Guernica (Basciano). Read the rest of this entry »