Marcos Burgos

May 8, 2009

Marcos Burgos in front of wallThere is an inconspicuous wall in the middle of Almudena Cemetery with a tiny framed photo at its center. The photo is of Marcos Burgos Salcedo, the father of Marcos Burgos (in the photo to the left). Burgos Salcedo was a captain in the Republican army during the Spanish Civil War and was executed against that wall in Almudena Cemetery (in the photo above) on July 12, 1939.

Two months before, Marcos had been born. As a child, naturally he asked his mother where his father was. Her response was always that his father died during the war; she knew exactly how his father died, but shared nothing of her husband’s execution or involvement in the Republican army, because of her fear of reprisal under Franco’s dicatorship. Read the rest of this entry »

Almudena Cemetery

March 8, 2009

Marcos Burgos will be turning 70 years old this May and he never knew his father. According to his wife, he talks often of his father, but quickly becomes overcome with emotion. We saw this emotion first-hand today when we visited Almudena Cemetery and saw the wall against which his father was executed.We met Marcos and his wife outside the cemetery and entered, stopping by the capilla (chapel) and a small gravesite Read the rest of this entry »